Joolsi Community Guidelines

We want Joolsi to be a personal and safe online community to seize and share moments. By doing that we want to have the ability to colour perceptions of our business branch in a positive way. Help us foster this community. Post only your own content and always follow the law. Respect everyone, don’t spam people or post inappropriate content.

Joolsi community

At Joolsi we value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users. We’ve spent a lot of time creating a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone. To prevent commercial, political, and general trolling accounts from polluting this community we have built in several technical boundaries.

We created the Community Guidelines so you can help us foster and protect our amazing community. By using Joolsi, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Use . We’re committed to these guidelines and we hope you are too. Overstepping these boundaries may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.

We ask you to provide your real name on Joolsi. We do this so we don't impersonate others. We require you to provide us with accurate and up to date information, such as your phone number. Don't create accounts for the purpose of violating our guidelines or misleading others.

Share only content that you’ve taken or have the right to share

You own the content you post on Joolsi. Remember to post authentic content, and don’t post anything you’ve copied or collected from the Internet that you don’t have the right to post. We abide by local copyright laws and protect the rights of copyright holders, so we don’t allow posts that are unauthorized to use copyrighted content.

Post content that is appropriate for a diverse audience

As far as public content (public Winks) concerns – for a variety of reasons – we don’t allow nudity on Joolsi in posts. This includes photos and videos that show sexual intercourse, genitals, close-ups of fully-nude buttocks, and female nipples.

Privately shared content (private Winks) is a powerful feature by which the content of a post is encrypted and is not accessible by anyone but the receiver. Set your post to private, the post will not appear publicly on the map or the timeline. Because the receiver is the only one who has access to the post you are responsible to judge if the post is appropriate for the receiver to see. Please be aware to always follow the law, and respect the receiver.

You should always consider who you choose to share content with, because people who can see your activity on our Products can choose to share it with others on and off our Products. Read more about Content others share or reshare about you .

We are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of minors on this community. We do not tolerate activities that perpetuate the abuse, harm, endangerment, or exploitation of minors on Joolsi. We consider a minor any person under the age of 18.

Users must meet the minimum age requirements to use Joolsi, as stipulated in our Terms of Use . We may add age restriction to content or features that are considered inappropriate, such as invisible private posts.

Follow the law

Joolsi is not a place to support or praise terrorism, extremism, organized crime, or hate groups. Offering sexual services, live animals, buying or selling firearms, alcohol, and tobacco products between private individuals, and buying or selling illegal or prescription drugs (even if legal in your region) are also not allowed.

Respect other members of the Joolsi community

We want to foster a positive, diverse community. We remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech, content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them, personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone, and repeated unwanted messages.

Serious threats of harm to public and personal safety aren't allowed. This includes specific threats of physical harm as well as threats of theft, vandalism, and other financial harm.

Help us keep the community strong

Each of us is an important part of the Joolsi community. If you see something that you think may violate our Community Guidelines, please help us by using our built-in reporting option. We try to respond to these reports as quickly as possible to remove content that doesn’t meet our guidelines.

You may find content you don’t like, but doesn’t violate the Community Guidelines. If that happens, you can unfollow or block the person who posted it.

Many disputes and misunderstandings can be resolved directly between members of the community. If one of your photos or videos was posted by someone else, or you believe someone is violating your trademark, you could try commenting on the post and asking the person to take it down. If that doesn’t work, you can send us a message. Don’t target the person who posted it by posting screenshots and drawing attention to the situation because that may be classified as harassment.

Press enquiries

Take a look at our About us story and our Help Center to learn more. Or contact us if you can't find what you're looking for or if you have any other questions.

Send us a message at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Security issues

We’re nerds at heart, but we’re not perfect. If you’ve found a bug or simply have a bone to pick about technical aspects of our app, please send us a message at

We always appreciate the feedback!