Everyone loves to share their most fun, most private and most embarrassing moments with their friends and family. It’s second nature! Sadly, every mainstream social media app has its focus on only one thing: mass consumption. They’re using every tool they can to drive engagement, and upping the average screentime at the cost of turning all of us into content zombies, mindlessly consuming someone else’s perfect life.

It’s starting to take a toll on our happiness, for all of us.

Famous people showing perfect azure seas and white sand beaches overlooked from fancy $1000 hotel rooms, captured through the lens of a professional photographer with the help of a stylist, a make-up artist and a manager. It's all about perfection, isn't it?

That’s just not how we roll. At Joolsi we love authentic moments.

Joolsi founder Ilja Vinzenz was looking to create a place for himself and his inner circle to share authentic, uncurated content, totally different from the picture-perfect scenes he found on mainstream social media platforms. Together with his partner in crime Eric Nieuwerth they started working on their shared vision: a social media platform designed for sharing your authentic self.

“Let’s make social media personal again. A place where you can make deep impact without the need to gain 10k followers. Where you can feel free to show your proudest and most embarrassing moments. We all have ‘em, so let’s share ‘em!”

After months of coding, testing and reviewing, Joolsi (| juːl siː|: ‘You’ll see’) was ready to go! Get ready to send Winks: 256-bit encrypted, geo-locked photo and video content. One-on-one or on a public map. Every Wink is tied to a location, and people can only see them if they’re in the radius of your Wink. Unlock Winks at locations around the world: at home, at the beach or at your favorite pizza place. Friends, family and even strangers (if you choose so) can seize them anytime at the location you choose. So go out there and be amazing!

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